Are you struggling to decide on which kitchen layout would best suit the size and shape of your space? We’re exploring the range of layouts available, so you can find the perfect one for your room without compromising on style and practicality. 


There are many factors to account for when deciding on the kitchen layout for your space. Firstly, you will need to consider the size and shape of your room and how it will be able to accommodate a kitchen, then you need to decide on which appliances will need to be integrated, and how much work space you will need to suit your lifestyle.

In this post, we’re taking a look at a selection of the most popular kitchen layouts available, exploring the benefits they can bring to your space, and the room sizes/shapes they are best suited to.


The U-Shaped Kitchen

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A U-Shaped kitchen is perfectly designed to be user friendly and efficient, with worktops on three sides to enable smooth food preparation, appliances within a practical proximity of each other, and ample storage possibilities.

The layout is best suited to those with a medium sized space, as the extra units can take up too much floor surface in some smaller kitchens, and the design can be unpractical in a larger space as the work stations can end up being too far apart.

If you have an open plan living and kitchen area, a U-Shaped kitchen can be perfect for separating your family space from the kitchen area, while still allowing for socialising across the two.

Check out a selection of real kitchens with a U-Shaped layout from our retailers:

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The L-Shaped Kitchen

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An L-Shaped kitchen is a classic design that never goes out of fashion. The layout utilises two walls of a room for a continuous flow of cabinets and worktops in an ‘L shape’, taking note of exit/entry points and windows.

It’s practical, seamless and works effectively in any sized kitchen, leaving open floor space that creates the illusion of a bigger room- perfect for smaller footprints.

The design is also perfect for open-plan living, with it’s central area left free for a dining table, kitchen island, or a family living space in a modern property. This makes it the ideal kitchen layout for entertaining and for the practicalities of every day family life.

Check out a selection of real kitchens with a L-Shaped layout from our retailers:

Second Nature Milbourne kitchen by Noname Kitchens in Liverpool:

A Kitchen Island

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Attractive and practical, the popularity of the kitchen island layout doesn’t look set to die down any time soon.

This plan, which is more suited to medium to large sized kitchens, often uses the open floor space available from an a L-Shaped or Galley layout to incorporate a beautiful kitchen island.

The island can include an integrated breakfast bar or double-up as a dining area with enough seating for the whole family, and brings with it an abundance of work space and extra storage possibilities.

This layout is ideal for those who love to cook as it creates a separate food preparation space and can help segment work areas in the kitchen. An island can also house the kitchen sink, meaning the work space along your walls is freed-up for more appliances.

In terms of your kitchen’s appearance, an island is a great opportunity to experiment with a two-tone colour scheme, or to mix-up materials with a contrasting work surface.

Check out a selection of real spaces with a kitchen island from our retailers:

Second Nature Fitzroy kitchen from Elements Kitchens, Reading:

The Galley Kitchen

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As the name suggests, a Galley kitchen is a single line of cabinets, often long and narrow, utilising one wall of a room. This design makes for a streamlined, modern and functional space with great accessibility.

This layout is suited to almost any kitchen size, allowing for a dining table or island in a larger space, and leaving floor space in a smaller kitchen for moving around with ease.

The cooking and sink area must be separated on worktops, which can cause an issue for some smaller kitchens, but if your room allows it then this layout can supply a great amount of food preparation space and storage posibilities.

Tip: Incorporate glazed display doors into your Galley kitchen to make your space feel more open.

Check out a selection of real kitchens with a Galley layout from our retailers:

Second Nature Remo kitchen from Inline Kitchens Limited, Pontefract:

The Double Galley Kitchen

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With cabinets along the length of two opposite walls, a Double Galley kitchen shares the benefits of a Galley kitchen, but brings the advantage of further storage and worktop space for food preparation and displaying appliances.

This layout can be perfect for any sized kitchen (dependent on the individual room) as it can allow for a dining table or island in a large kitchen, or can help incorporate more storage and work space into a smaller kitchen while still allowing people to walk the length of the room.

Tip: Lighting can make or break both the aesthetics and functions of a Double Galley kitchen. Plinth lighting and illuminated, glazed wall cabinets will open up the scheme and create a spacious feel.

Second Nature Remo kitchen from Anglia Interiors Ltd, Huntingdon:

Which layout will you go for?

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