3 Quick and Easy Halloween Treats

Spooky season is upon us, and it’s time to get into the festivities! Whatever your Halloween plans entail - whether you’re having a Halloween party for your gang of ghouls or staying hidden at home with a scary movie – it’s not Halloween without some trick or treats.

This year, skip the tricks and go straight for the treats. Here’s 3 quick and easy Halloween treats you could just die for… each recipe takes less than 20 mins to prepare and is so simple even a brainless zombie could do it!


Ghost Rocky Road

To make your own Ghost Rocky Roads, first you’ll need to make your own Rocky Road. We followed the BBC Good Food recipe which we will leave linked here.

To make it extra spooky, you could add green smarties, maltesers or even popping candy! Once you’ve made your rocky road, come back for the finishing ‘ghost’ touches!


White chocolate

Edible googly eyes / Chocolate chips / Icing pen


  • Start off by melting your white chocolate
  • Then take some grease proof baking paper and line a baking tray
  • Take a spoonful of chocolate and spread it across the paper using the back of the spoon
  • Add your ghost eyes whether you have chosen to use edible googly eyes, chocolate chips, sweets etc!
  • Place in the fridge to cool before placing on top of your rocky road


Yummy Mummy Oreos



White Chocolate

Edible googly eyes


  • Lay out your Oreo biscuits on a baking tray lined with grease proof baking paper
  • Melt your white chocolate
  • Using a spoon drizzle the white chocolate across the biscuit in straight lines to make your mummy bandages
  • Leave a small gap for your eyes and glue those down with melted chocolate!


Spider Web Biscuits


Pack of your favourite biscuits

Icing Sugar


Black food colouring / Black icing pen

Cocktail Stick

Plastic Spiders


  • Mix together a spoonful of water with 2 table spoons of icing sugar. Gradually add more icing sugar as you stir
  • If the mixture is too watery add more icing sugar. Equally, if the mixture is too thick and powdery add more water. The perfect consistency will be silky smooth and thick enough it won’t run off your biscuit
  • Take a spoonful of your glace icing and place on top of your favourite biscuit
  • Run the icing across the top of the biscuit to make a smooth circular shape
  • Before the icing dries draw or drizzle black icing into circles going out to the edge of the biscuit
  • Then using a cocktail stick draw straight lines from the centre to the edge of the biscuit all the way round to make a web
  • Finally stick your plastic spiders on top to complete the biscuit!

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Happy Halloween from Second Nature.