3 Areas to Consider When Building your Dream Home Office

We’ve come a long way since working from our dining room tables during the 2020 Lockdown.

The very landscape of working was changed forever after the global pandemic, with many people opting to remain working from home as opposed to the traditional ‘go into the office’ routine. As a result, working spaces in the home have been transformed; from an old table in the spare room to fully formed home office designs that consider storage, lighting, comfort and practicality.

Not sure where to start when it comes to designing your own home office?

Continue reading for a series of home office ideas and tips to fuel your own design…


Light the Way

Your home office needs to inspire and motivate, even on the gloomiest of days. Lighting is a primary solution for combatting the dark and dreary Monday blues...

Not every room is fortunate to have big, open windows that flood the space with natural light, so planning lighting fixtures in the room design is a crucial step to take. 

Looking at this modern Porter Home Office, notice task lighting has been placed directly above the chair and computer to draw specific light to the core area of the workspace. Equally, mood lighting has been created thanks to LED strip lighting across the open shelving; subtly illuminating the craftsmanship of the shelves and key objects placed. 

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Get Playful with Pattern

Who said your home office has to be bland and serious? Gone are the days of grey walls, grey desks and grey computers.... In the comfort of your own home, why not bring your own style and décor to your home office too? Don't be afraid to bring colour, patterns and personality! 

Painted cabinetry is an effective first step for making your home office furniture feel more vibrant. Each of our door ranges is available in a great selection of standard colours, but we also have a further extensive Colour Collection with 38 different shades available to let your creativity soar. From olive Greens to Warm Neutrals, opt for a unified single colour or embrace a combination of shades. 

In this beautiful Crathorne Home Office, we've taken the extra step pairing the Hartforth Blue desk and shelving unit with an eclectic palm leaf wallpaper to establish a captivating backdrop. So even if you can't look out of a window throughout the day, you're still engaged by the vibrant and playful décor. 

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Consider the Layout

Home offices are typically found in the smallest room of the house so the layout can sometimes be restricted by the space available. However, there are still some creative ways to maximise your space effectively for a comfortable yet practical work space. 

A simple office layout typically places the desk and shelving across one wall in a linear fashion. In smaller rooms the works perfectly, however, in rooms with more space, it can sometimes leave the remaining area feeling empty or unused - enter the peninsula desk. 

This is a desk that is placed to the side of the straight wall units, allowing your desk to sit further into the room and fill out the space. The Belsay Smooth home office is a great example of this desk in action, note how thanks to the layout, the desk is now facing the window as opposed to the wall. This creates a much more positive and engaging workspace for this homeowner. 

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