When you're looking for a new kitchen, there are a variety of styles to choose from. However, there may only be a select few that suit the current look and feel of your home. If you live in an older or rural house, a farmhouse kitchen will be one of those options. It features a traditional design, which might scare you into thinking that every aspect of your farmhouse kitchen will have to be traditional in order for the kitchen to feel authentic. But can your farmhouse kitchen be modern?

A farmhouse kitchen, by its very nature, won't look modern. However, if you're looking for a modern functionality mixed in with the charm of a traditional farmhouse design, then there are certainly different elements you can include in your kitchen.

So what can you include in your farmhouse kitchen to give it that modern touch?


Use Modern Appliances

With the kitchen being used primarily as a space to cook and prepare food, you'll naturally want to have access to the best appliances which roast, grill and boil your food with ease, efficiency and quality.

You can find a wide-selection of retro appliances from all good retailers which perfectly match the aesthetics of the room, from classic fridge freezers to large range cookers. It means the functionality of your kitchen be maintained with the aesthetics suiting the rest of the house. Even small appliances can fall under this umbrella, with a few well-known manufacturers creating retro kettles and toasters.

An alternative to this is by having integrated appliances, where sometimes even retro versions of washing machines and tumble dryers might not fit in with the farmhouse style. Integrated appliances can be hidden behind cabinet doors, keeping them completely out of sight and the look of your kitchen maintained. You can also integrate larger appliances such as fridge freezers, if you prefer the space and technology of a modern-looking appliance compared to a retro model.


Utilise Cupboard Storage

Whilst above-the-line you'll find design choices like kitchen cupboard doors and worktops, there are some features you can hide below-the-line that allow you to include modern techniques but keep your kitchen feeling rustic.

Drawer storage is just one of those things, which allows you to divide drawers up into sections internally, to give you room for all the cutlery, utensils and small appliances to be neatly organised. It makes it easier to find things and also makes them easier to access too.

Corner cupboard storage space is another clever modern technique that allows you to maximise the space in the corner of your kitchen. Pull-out shelves inside allow you to access items stored at the furthest recesses of your kitchen cupboard, meaning no inch of space goes to waste.


Modern Interior Touches

While some trends are fleeting, others are resurgent. We have seen a range of traditionally classic features become key elements of modern kitchen design giving it a new lease of life in the interior design world.

Open selling is just one of these things. Adding shelves to your kitchen alongside cupboards allows you to add a decorative touch to your kitchen. You can add pots, pans and food stored in glass jars for an industrious feel, or can include your finest china for a decorative touch.

The inclusion of natural and sustainable materials is something that is also seen in modern kitchens as much as farmhouse ones, with a renewed focus on sustainability and renewability. This includes the use of oak as a worktop, and stone as a flooring option.