Our deep Hartforth Blue suits any style of kitchen, from the classic shaker to the contemporary slab door- but which do you prefer?

Whether you’re looking to create a dramatic, luxe kitchen, or a sleek, contemporary space, dark blue is a timeless, versatile kitchen colour trend that seems set to be around for a very long time.

Our rich Hartforth Blue is a shade that works perfectly as a wrap-around, to create a bold aesthetic on a full kitchen, combined with a lighter shade for a balanced two-tone look, or as a statement feature, such as a central island or a stand-alone pantry.

If you’re hoping to introduce dark blue into your upcoming kitchen design but can’t decide the look to go for, we’re sharing a range of classic and modern design ideas - including slab and shaker kitchens - to provide you with all the inspiration you could possibly need…


The deep and dramatic hues of Hartforth Blue combine perfectly with the delicate ovolo beading of our Clarendon door, a traditional glazed dresser unit and the warming Herringbone flooring for a unique twist on a classic look.

Clarendon shown in Hartforth Blue with Silestone Quartz Eternal Sernena Suede & Strata Timber Select and Hoxton Antique Bronze Effect Cup & Weel Knob handles.


Lower Hartforth Blue units and a stunning focal island, with a traditional free-standing look pair beautifully with calming Porcelain wall units for a two-tone aesthetic in this Hunton kitchen.

Hunton in Hartforth Blue & Porcelain with Strata Quartz Absolute Marbled White and Knurled Aged Brass Bar & Knob handles.


The heritage tone of Hartforth Blue works perfectly throughout this large Milbourne kitchen to create a feeling of intimacy and warmth. Using the shade on a stand-alone feature dresser helps to bring the look together despite the bright, openness of the room.

Milbourne in Hartforth Blue with Strata Quartz White Venato and Linton T-Bar & Bar handles.


The dark blue in this Mornington Shaker kitchen pairs with decorative wall tiling and eye-catching Claremont Antique Bronze handles to offer a contemporary feel in a traditional space.

Mornington Shaker in Hartforth Blue with Strata Quartz Marbled Grey and Claremont Antique Bronze Bar & Knob handles.


The deep, rich tones of Hartforth Blue work perfectly alongside a contrasting concrete effect, bringing the simplicity of the Remo handleless door to life, whilst giving the ultimate contemporary look. Pair with modular open shelving, like the Kessebohmer YouK shelving unit (featured above), and striking back hardware for a nod to industrial character.

Remo handleless in Hartforth Blue with Unity in Hayward Concrete, with Strata Quartz Barbican.


Lower Hartforth Blue units sit alongside neutral wall units for a pared back, two-tone aesthetic in this modern abode. The look is completed with a cohesive Copper handleless trim that runs throughout and a Strata Oak Herringbone worksurface that brings warmth to the sleek design.

Porter handleless in Hartforth Blue & Gloss Porcelain, with a Copper handleless trim and Strata Quartz Elegant Cream & Strata Oak Herringbone.