With Christmas season upon us, it’s that magical (yet some would say stressful) time of year for buying presents and preparing for the big day. Over the last few years, we have seen people put just as much effort into their gift wrapping as they do into picking the gift itself.

So this year, when it comes to your showstopping gift wrapping, why not opt for some eco-friendly alternatives that look after our planet and still look beautiful under your tree?

Here are 3 eco-friendly wrapping ideas to consider this Christmas…

Choose Recycled Wrapping Paper

Many supermarkets and Christmas shops now offer recycled wrapping paper that has been created using recycled materials and can be fully recycled once used. This way you can still select from an array of wrapping paper designs ornate with jolly snowmen and snowy Christmas trees, whilst supporting more sustainable shopping choices. 


Use Old Newspapers or Brown Paper

Here’s a crazy thought! Why not ditch wrapping paper altogether and choose a more day-to-day, fully recyclable material for your presents this year? From old newspapers to brown paper packaging, these fully recyclable materials are not only great alternatives for the planet, but they also create a quirky, rustic aesthetic for your Christmas presents. Pair with some cotton string or some homemade paper bows for the finishing touch. 

Avoid Glitter

The key decoration for many gift bags, ribbons or wrapping paper is glitter. But did you know glitter, being an ultra-tiny piece of plastic, takes hundred of years to break down? Thus, making it non-recyclable. What’s more, anything contaminated with glitter, such as glittery gift bags or wrapping paper, is also considered contaminated and will be ultimately rejected from the recycling process.

So, the number one tip? Avoid all that glitters.


Looking for some eco-sourced gift-wrapping accessories? We love that this year many people have turned to more natural elements to not only decorate their home, but their wrapping too. Simply forage your back garden, nearby park or local area for any goodies you could use to spruce up your wrapping.

Why not make a day of it with loved ones? Spend the day exploring in the winter chill for pinecones, sticks, crisp leaves, or sprigs of holly. 

Collect and Save your Gift Bags

Every year without fail, each of us gets in line to buy a series of colourful, bright gift bags for our presents to loved ones. And we end of receiving our fair share in return.

One of the easiest ways to be resourceful in your Christmas gift wrapping is saving your gift bags you receive and using them the following year. Simply tuck them away with the decorations and you can get them back out when the festive season rolls around again. Reusing your gift bags not only reduces over-consumption, it also saves you money!