As the colder seasons draw in closer, why not take some interior inspiration from the rich autumn colour palette bursting outside your front door?

Autumn is notoriously many people’s favourite time of year; darker mornings, cosy jumpers and the return of vivid autumn colours. If it's your favourite too, why not embrace the season in your home interiors, reflecting the changing season around you? 

From worksurfaces to the finishing touches, here are ways to embellish your room transformations this Autumn.


Welcome Autumn into your home through the rich colour palette of the season reimagined through your cabinetry. Choose from our wide range of colours to introduce warmth to your home and encapsulate the richness of the Autumnal season. 

When it comes to colour, the typical associations with Autumn may include gold or fiery orange, refelcting leaves changing colour. However, to create a warming, enveloping space we have turned to earthy tones that evoke a sense of comfort.



Another way of incorporating the Autumnal palette into your kitchen is through your worksurfaces. Choose from our varied collection of light, dark, neutral, marble and wooden surfaces. Here are our favourite worksurfaces to highlight the season. 


Finishing Touches

It’s all in the details! If you’re looking to introduce a spice of Autumn into your décor, but don’t want to be as direct as to change your cabinetry or worksurfaces, why not look to your kitchen’s finishing touches? From sinks and taps, to featured handles, adding finer accents to your design in striking, warming metallic is a simple yet effective move. 


For more advice on colour and material choices for your room transformations, speak to your local Second Nature retailer.

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