Designing a kitchen that’s tailored perfectly to your life is a complicated task, and there are many things to take into consideration. Storage is one thing that can often be overlooked, as people tend to focus on the exterior aesthetics of the kitchen and forget how important the inner-workings of the design truly are.

At Second Nature, we believe that you deserve a kitchen that’s not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too, as it’s the clever storage solutions that can really help to make your everyday life in the kitchen easier.

Have you considered how clever storage solutions could improve your kitchen functionality?


A Place for Everything

A standard in most kitchen designs, people can often take drawers at sight value, accepting that they’re destined to be cluttered and they’ll be fine as an empty space to fill sporadically. However, advances in kitchen design have seen drawers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and at Second Nature we have an array of accessories available to transform your drawer space for the kitchen essentials you wish to store.


Access Awkward Places

For as long as our homes are box shaped, we’ll always have awkward corners to contend with, but dark and dingy corners in your kitchen can be a thing of the past with our best-selling corner storage solutions.

Utilising clever engineering, our LeMans solution smoothly brings the very depths of your corner cupboards all the way out to you.


Maximise space

It’s important that every kitchen design makes the most of the space available, and for some kitchens, especially those with a smaller footprint, it may be beneficial to make use of the full ceiling height for extra shelving or kitchen units. However, higher cupboards can result in hard to reach places, and some family members may need a little help to access the top shelf!

Our clever iMove storage solution brings the contents of your high units down to you, so the full cupboard comes into play and you have access to every item in your collection.


Keep Everything in Clear Sight

Getting to the things at the back of your cupboards can be a real hassle, and stacking food stuffs can mean that some items go unnoticed and go out of date, or you end up rebuying them unnecessarily and wasting your money.

Our larders put everything clearly in sight, with an innovative system which moves the whole contents of the cupboard towards you. With quick and easy access to all your items, you’ll never lose ingredients again, or find out-of-date tins lurking at the back of your cupboards.

Whatever your kitchen design and layout, we offer Larder solutions to suit, and all our units come with fully adjustable shelves, so your larder can change overtime as your storage needs do.


Keep Clutter at Bay

Disposing of waste responsibly is a key concern in many households.

If your main recycling bins live outside or in a garage/outhouse building, it can be time consuming to make the journey whenever you have rubbish to dispose of. For many of us, this means a carrier bag or waste basket becomes our temporary recycling bin, making it difficult to separate glass, plastic and paper items, and it can take up valuable kitchen floorspace.

Our top-quality, multi-compartment bins are the perfect solution for helping you to keep on top of sorting your waste, whilst keeping it out of sight.

Whether you need a single unit for under the sink, or a bigger multi-compartment unit to help separate out your recycling, we’ve got the solution to help. Available with up to four compartments, our bins seamlessly integrate into any kitchen design, making your waste management an easy part of daily life.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards bringing your dream kitchen to life, find your closest independent Second Nature specialist today.