Scandinavian Kitchens: Design, Style and Inspiration

What makes a kitchen Scandinavian?

Scandinavian kitchen designs are recognised for their minimalistic, neutral tones with an emphasis on practicality and functional demands. They are remarked as timeless designs that diverge from fleeting trends due to the simple yet beautiful note of the Scandi-look. 

In this guide, we will explore the different elements and ideas you can take on baord when creating your very own scandinavian-style kitchen. 


Notes of Nature

When it comes to a colour palette, Scandinavian style focuses on neutral tones such as Taupe Grey, Porcelain and Mussel. Lighter shades help to reflect light around a room and emphasise the sense of a bright and open space. These colours can be established not just through wall colour, but tiling, cabinetry, textiles and furnishings. 

To complement a bright and neutral foundation, Scandinavian kitchens embrace natural materials in their décor schemes, welcoming the beauty of outside into the home. Leather, stone and wood accents are a great way to bring depth into a room, as well as add warmth and character. These elements can be featured through a number of ways such as worktops, chopping boards, handles and styling pieces. 

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Mix Minimalism with Key Focal Features

Scandinavian kitchens are recognised for their less-is-more aesthetic, stripping back over the top embellishments and harmonising simple features for an effortless look. Avoid over-styling with accessories and décor pieces for a streamlined look, as well as diverging away from jarring colours or patterns. 

Instead, opt for classic shaker style cabinets, with a simple colour palette and highlight key focal features; from a statement island, dynamic open shelving or a striking marble worksurface. 

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Storage, Storage, Storage

Alongside neutral aesthetics, Scandinavian kitchens are renowned for effective storage and prioritising practicality within the flow of the kitchen. Having exceptional storage solutions in place reduces the amount of items visible on your worktop, which ultimately distracts guests from the minimalistic scheme of a Scandi kitchen. Equally, it makes everyday tasks in the kitchen that much easier. 

Consider the Kesseböhmer LeMans to maximise every inch of your corner cabinets, or a Dispensa Larder for floor-to-ceiling storage space. 

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