Kitchen Nightmare: Storage Solutions

When it comes to kitchen nightmares, what comes to mind? Unorganised cupboards, out of reach shelves, and let’s not forget food being pushed to the back of your cupboards and being completely forgotten. This nightmare is real for many households.

Luckily, thanks to the exceptional storage solutions available at Second Nature, kitchen nightmares are a thing of the past.


Unorganised Cupboards

Over time, it's easy for your cupboards to become full of cleaning products and other household items. So much so, one nudge and the entire contents could come tumbling out. 

However, the Base Unit Pull-Out is the perfect solution for organising all your 'under the sink' cleaning products. Neatly laid out across two shelves, this base pull-out is a slim unit which fits perfectly into your kitchen design without taking up valuable space. 

What's more, there are a variety of sizes available so you can choose a pull-out unit to suit your kitchen size - and how much you need to store away!


Hidden Away Corners

The corners in your kitchen are a key place to capitalise on for extra storage space, but without the proper storage solution, it can also be a tricky area to work with. You will often find yourself reaching back and arching your arm to reach anything at the back of a corner cabinet. Not quick or easy, and a nightmare for day-to-day use.

The LeMans is a fantastic corner storage solution that effortlessly glides out of the cupboard to display everything front and centre. Each tray is attached independently from the cabinet and comes in a variety of styles, including Anthracite and Chrome.

Plus, depending on the size/height of your corner unit, multiple LeMans trays can be used to ensure the space is fully maximised. 


Out of Reach Shelving

For some, trying to reach the items on your top shelf can be a difficult task - especially anything at the back of the top shelf. Soon enough, anything left on the high shelf is forgotten, or worse, the entire shelf becomes useless. 

Not to worry! The iMove pull-down system is a smart storage solution that eliminates any trouble reaching items at a height. Using the handle, you can easily pull the shelf to a lower height that is easy to reach.


Out of Sight. Out of Mind…Waste!

Deep cupboards can quickly become cluttered with food and packaged items and things can all too easily be pushed to the back of a shelf, and simultaneously our minds! It's only when a few weeks (or dare we say months) have passed where we realise how much hidden food has gone out of date at the back of the deep, dark cupboards.  Not only does this waste your money, but it also wastes food and impacts the environment. 

Let us introduce you to the Tandem Larder. This unique storage solution is fantastic for ensuring all your items are easy to reach and see. With storage space both at the back and side of the cabinet, you have full view of everything stored inside which also eliminates chances of food being missed and ultimately going to waste. 

The Tandem Larders come in a variety of styles to suit your individual kitchen. Explore our full range here.