5 Reasons to Get a Cook’s Pantry in Your Kitchen

To someone who isn’t familiar with a kitchen pantry, they may immediately think of something taken out of Downtown Abbey or an old country home. And they wouldn’t be wrong – the pantry has been a part of the British kitchen for centuries, historically used as a storeroom for bread in medieval manors.

However, pantries have become incredibly popular within modern kitchen layouts. They are the perfect fit for open plan living and minimalism interior; offering a large storage space for food, appliances and crockery to be tidied away out of sight.


A pantry, or larder, is a cool dry space used to store kitchenware and food. There are a variety of options to choose from depending on the size of your home, including a traditional pantry, seamlessly built into your kitchen cabinets, a free-standing pantry, a cupboard which makes a stand-alone statement, or a walk-in pantry, a separate, small room attached to the kitchen for ample space and storage.

Why do I need a pantry?

If you’re considering a new kitchen for your home, here are 5 reasons to include a pantry in your kitchen design…


1. Be More Organised

A key benefit to a cook’s pantry is having all your jars, bottles and packets in front of you – nothing is hidden away at the back of a deep cupboard or corner cabinet. As a result, you can have a clear view of what food you have in and what food you need to buy. This makes organising food shopping and meal planning far more organised and ultimately reduces the amount of wasted food.

2. Make Cooking Stress Free

With the added organisation a pantry brings, dinner-time stress can be a thing of the past!

There are a wide range of ways you can personalise your pantry’s internals to suit your everyday kitchen needs, with different shelving options, pull-out drawers, integrated door storage and bottle holders, to enable everything you need has a place of its own.


3. Out of Sight

Pantries offer additional storage space for items such as food, tableware, or even small kitchen appliances (such as a coffee machine). As the modern, minimalist and open-plan living décor has soared in popularity, people praise the pantry for offering a dedicated space for everything they need in the kitchen. Thus, leaving the worksurfaces clear of packets, jars and appliances. 

4. Impress your Guests

As well as the incredible practical advantages of a pantry, they also make a stand-out feature in your kitchen that will no doubt impress any guests dining in your home. Integrated pantries can be built to perfectly blend into your kitchen cupboards and provide a surprise reveal as you open the doors to a magnificent display of storage. On the other hand, you can choose a different exterior finish to really make your pantry a show-stopping point in your kitchen. 

Considering a pantry in your kitchen?

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