There are a number of kitchen styles you can opt for when looking to refresh your kitchen's aesthetics. However, if you're living in a rural home or traditional farmhouse, there's one clear option available to you: a country kitchen.

In the Second Nature Collection, you can find a selection of country kitchen styles available to elevate your cooking and relaxing space and make it feel authentically traditional. So what makes a kitchen 'country', and what design aspects should you be looking at when designing your new country kitchen?


Choose The Right Door

For a country kitchen door, you're looking for the right blend of high-quality construction and classic design. Choosing the right cabinet door to allow you both is essential, which is why the tried and tested Shaker style is a popular choice for country kitchens.

Shaker Kitchens are constructed using traditional methods and high-quality woods, featuring a five-piece design including a central recessed panel. In comparison, contemporary or modern kitchens will use a flat, slab design for a sleek and unfussy style.

Use Natural Materials

Country kitchen designs typically embrace natural tones and materials, resonating with a typical rural farmhouse feel. A great example of this is the timber used to create wooden kitchen worktops. Whilst a modern or contemporary kitchen might use a marble or granite worktop, a rural country kitchen would typically feature a wooden surface, using a hardwood like oak or maple.

Natural materials can also be found all around the kitchen - from kitchen cabinet doors made out of wood, to stone flooring and ceramic backsplash tiles.


Room For Dining

In a traditional country cottage, the kitchen would double as a dining room with a large wooden dining table, bringing the cooking and socialising elements of dinnertime in one place. A kitchen-diner space still remains relevant in modern-day homes, whether it be a simple dining table, or designing a functional kitchen island with added seating. 

Functional Decor

One design ethos that runs throughout a country kitchen is the belief that everything should have a purpose. Function in a room like a kitchen is important, and when a country kitchen can become a hive of activity, having decorative items that double up as having a purpose ensures there isn’t any unnecessary clutter in your kitchen.

Decorative fruit bowls, tidy spice racks, pots for holding utensils, and glass storage jars for food are just some of the items you can include in your country kitchen design that allow your kitchen to function smoothly whilst also looking like an authentic country kitchen.


Detailed Finishing Touches

The right finishing touches can really make or break your country kitchen. In the Second Nature Collection, there are a wide range of high-quality additions you can make to your kitchen to elevate the look and feel of it.

They include ensuring you have the right handles and lighting to suit the style of kitchen, as well as a traditional farmhouse sink. And behind the line you can also benefit from modern kitchen drawer organisation and storage options.