Thanks to the versatile nature of the Shaker kitchen door design, you can pair a number of different finishing touches to the kitchen, including worktops, handles and lighting. However, another one of the biggest impacts you can make on your new kitchen is the choice of colour you pick for your kitchen cabinets.

So what colours are available for Shaker kitchens in the Second Nature Collection, and which work best with specific styles?


Neutrals For a Classic Touch

With a Shaker kitchen, your choice of kitchen colour can massively affect the style you're aiming for. When it comes to a classic feel, neutrals are an assured port of call to achieve the look.

Our Neutrals Colour Collection encompasses a variety of tones and styles to offer the perfect shade for you. Alongside classic White, explore cool tones such as Porcelain and Dove Grey for a fresh, contemporary look. Alternatively, Stone, Mussel and Taupe Grey for a warmer, more cosy feel.

Embracing Natural tones can provide a feeling of comfort and cosiness, whilst also having a timeless style.


Warm Neutrals For a Welcoming Aura

Similar to naturals, deeper, warm neutrals are ideal for classic kitchens, but add a splash of additional colour. The warm neutrals selection in the Second Nature Collection contains tones such as Cashmere, Truffle and Malbec; along with blush-red undertones like Dry Rose, Pimento, and Georgian Red.

Red is generally associated with passion, love and also heat; adding a warm and welcoming feel to your kitchen.


Greens For a Natural Feel

If you like to connect with nature, then green is the ideal colour pallette for you. As well as reconnecting with nature, the colour green is also seen as a positive, safe and healthy colour.

In the Second Nature Collection, you can find a selection of olive greens and forest greens; discover lighter greens like Sage and Olive or darker tones like Regiment and Regents Green.


Blues For a Cool and Relaxing Ambience

Our range of blues offers a relaxing and calming feel to your kitchen. It's also typically seen as a colour that can help to improve concentration and efficiency, making people more productive. If you use your kitchen for serious cooking or baking, then adopting a blue may be the choice to help reduce stress whilst also improving your output. In the Second Nature Collection, you can find a selection of lighter blues like Ives Blue and Cadet, dark blues like Inkwell and Hartforth Blue, and even green blues like Partridge Grey and Storm Blue.

A Range of Colour Available in the Second Nature Collection

In addition to Shaker kitchens, Second Nature's full colour palette of 35 hues is available for a range of kitchen types. As well as Shakers, you can find kitchens that match a range of styles, including classic, traditional and country kitchens; as well as more modern and contemporary styles. We also have minimalist and functional options in the form of Scandinavian and German kitchens.

No matter what kitchen style you choose, you have the full choice of colours, from the more muted neutrals, greys and warm neutrals; to greens such as olive greens and forest greens; and cool colours like green blues and ink blues.