Love to entertain?

Now more than ever, the kitchen is becoming the heart of the home – not just for cooking, but as an integral space for entertainment. As more people prefer to host their after-dinner cocktails, or a board game night, in the kitchen; here are 3 design tips to keep in mind when designing a space built for entertaining.

1. Make the Most of Your Space

Designing the perfect layout is an essential first step. Consider: what you want your kitchen to be used for? How will people interact within this space? What are the key areas for your social gatherings?

If you’re a chef-enthusiast and plan to have dinner parties with loved ones, you will have to consider how the positioning of your hob and seating area can maximise the social opportunities. Guests could feel isolated from you the entire evening if your back is constantly turned to the hob!


Dependent on the size and structural layout of your kitchen, a central island could be the ultimate addition to your social space. With additional storage, added seating and the perfect place for guests to perch their drinks and gather together, a kitchen island is the epicentre of a social kitchen. 

Key areas to focus on would be seating requirements, open plan space for standing, flow of movement for yourself/guests and surface space for board games, food platters, drinks etc.


2. More parties, more mess!

With regular gatherings and extra visitors, your kitchen needs to be able to withstand the increased wear and tear. With multiple meals being prepped on your surfaces, not to mention drinks spilt, you need a durable material for your worktops.

Invest in hardwearing materials, like Quartz, to ensure your kitchen looks brand new for longer. This saves time and money on regular maintenance jobs. Not to mention, opting for a surface that’s easy to clean will save yourself the trouble - a spilt glass of wine is bound to happen occasionally!

Thanks to the vast and unique range of worksurfaces we have to choose from, not only will your kitchen last, it will also certainly impress your guests!

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3. The Cherry on the Cake

Adding showstopping features to your kitchen is the perfect way to elevate your design and wow your guests.

From impressive larders to a practical coffee station, key features can be an amazing way to shine your personality through your kitchen design.


A certain crowd pleaser is a drinks cabinet. 

A dedicated space built seamlessly into a kitchen cabinet or pantry to host your finest glassware, flavoured gins and cocktail making sets. Working with an independent Second Nature specialist, you can craft your drinks cabinet to your preferences, whether that be shelving for a fleet of prosecco glasses, or a display unit for your premium whisky bottles; Make it your own!

There’s no doubt that revealing your drinks cabinet will be the highlight of your evening.

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