How to Decorate your Mantlepiece for Christmas

Decorating your home for Christmas can be one of the highlights of the season; dusting off your baubles and hanging twinkling lights as Michael Bublé serenades you with the Christmas classics. Although Christmas trees have always been the star of the show when it comes to Christmas décor, over the recent years we have seen festive ornaments venture into other areas of the home. From homemade wreaths to hang at the front door to christmas garlands twising around the stair banister.

With fireplaces and statement mantlepieces becoming a focal point in modern living areas, this is a great place to decorate this festive season and showcase your favourite Christmas oranments.

To help get you started, here are our top 3 tips on decorating your mantlepiece this Christmas…

1. Consider Different Levels

Fireplaces can look very boxed-in with straight edges and heavy framing. To bring the playful and magical sense of Christmas, experiment with levels as you decorate this season. Mixing ornaments that stand at different heights creates a more exciting space that draws your attention; perfect for showing off your favourite decorations. Don’t forget to decorate both along the top and the bottom of the mantelpiece, stacking presents and lining up ornaments.

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2. Add Lighting

Pockets of light dispersed across your mantlepiece create a cosy atmosphere perfect for curling up by the fire with a hot chocolate or even better…a Baileys! Fairy lights are a quick and cost-effective way to achieve this as they can be draped across the top, or even intertwined into a garland. Another way is adding ornaments that hold a candle such as small ceramic houses or stars that allow the light of the flame to peer through.


3. Play with Texture

Another way to highlight your mantlepiece this Christmas is through texture, more specifically, mixing textures. Mantlepieces are strong staple pieces in a home, so to balance this, incorporate soft furnishings such as stockings or knitted decorations. Stockings are the perfect choice as they are a classic and traditional decoration for the fireplace.

You could also add elements of nature and greenery using fir garlands, eucalyptus leaves or pinecones. Not only does this bring another texture to your ensemble, but it also taps into a Nordic-inspired aesthetic which has become incredibly popular in Christmas décor this year.