4 Tips for a Cosy Bedroom

Did you know we spend one third of our life asleep? That’s right, a third! It’s no wonder we want to make our bedrooms the ultimate escape for relaxation, comfort and of course…sleep!

Particularly now that the colder seasons are beginning to creep in, it’s time to maximise your bedroom and make it super cosy for the winter nights ahead. Everything from extra blankets to colour theory, here are 4 simple ways to make your bedroom cosy this season.


1. Choose Warm Tone Colours

Colour can have a vast impact on your senses, and the colours you choose to have in your bedroom are no different. By selecting a warmer colour palette into your décor, particularly fiery tones such as red and brown, you encourage a sense of warmth and cosiness into your bedroom. This can be achieved through your wall colours, accessories, and your cabinet doors!

Luckily, our most popular doors are also available for your bedroom, and we have a variety of colours to choose from. Sticking to the warm tones, look at options such as Georgian Red, Truffle and Cashmere.

Bedroom shown: Hunton in Truffle and Georgian Red

2. Warm Lighting

Another way of creating a cosy space is through lighting and there are multiple options for you to experiment with. The first is through smaller lights such as bed side lamps or fairy lights, as opposed to mainly using an overhead main light. This reduces the brightness in your room which ultimately makes it feel moody and close.

The second is through colour, which similar to your cabinets, you want to be warm and inviting; opt for a yellow tone lightbulb or reflect light through a warm toned lampshade.

3. Soft furnishings

Moving away from colour, you can also look to the textures in your room. Hard, solid surfaces can work against the sense of comfort you want to create. To counteract that, add in softer materials and textures through accessories such as blankets and cushions. 


4. Storage Space

An underrated and often overlooked method is through your bedroom storage. By adopting various drawer inserts and storage management systems, you will be able to keep your bedroom uncluttered and organised. Clear space, clear mind! Perfect for winding down and relaxing on an evening. 

Speak to your local Second Nature retailer about the different storage options available for your bedroom. 

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