Designed and installed by: J C Kitchens, Sudbury, Sudbury

Budget: £16k - £20k see more in this price range

Kitchen style used:


The Brief

Space was at a premium in this London home so the brief was to create a multipurpose room with an openplan layout which incorporates the dining table in to worktop space.  The result is a sociable and trendy scheme that complements the young couple’s lifestyle.  The sleek high gloss white is perfect to create a minimal look but adding the oak flooring and the vivid red worktop adds warmth and an inviting feel to the interior.

Designer's Tips

An openplan layout is key to ensuring the cook doesn’t feel isolated in the kitchen. While the food is cooking he or she can relax on the settee in the living area or alternatively read or catch up on paperwork at the breakfast bar.  This is a great example of how the different areas of the room are linked together with an accent colour in both the kitchen and living zones.

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