Designed and installed by: Unitech Oxon Ltd, Banbury

Budget: £8k - £12k see more in this price range

Kitchen style used:


The Brief

The client was downsizing to an apartment and whilst appreciating her new kitchen was smaller she didn’t want to lose any of the functionality she’d become accustomed to in her previous kitchen.  She was keen to significantly lighten the kitchen and replace the existing dark traditional cabinetry.  In spite of the kitchen being relatively compact the designer was able to maximise light, storage, functionality and visual appeal.  The glossy Porter Alabaster doors, teamed with Fossil Corian worktops, instantly brighten the space.

Designer's Tips

A dividing wall was removed between the kitchen and main living space which enhanced the sense of space and light and led to a small increase in the kitchen’s footprint. The designer recommended LED lighting under the wall cabinets to further lighten the room.  Whilst the removal of the wall led to a reduction in storage space, this was overcome with the inclusion of plenty of hidden and clever storage solutions, such as the Le Mans corner pull out. Integrated appliances throughout the scheme ensure a streamlined and sleek aesthetic.

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