Designed and installed by: Lima Kitchens, Milton Keynes

Budget: £12k - £16k see more in this price range

Kitchen style used:


The Brief

The clients wanted an open-plan kitchen that would become the main family room. A wall was removed to open up the living space and the designer created a versatile and multi-functional layout that could accommodate a number of different activities simultaneously. The Milbourne Alabaster cabinetry enhances the fresh, light feel of this enlarged living space and the clients are delighted with the enhanced storage and practical aspects of their new kitchen.

Designer's Tips

A small corner was segregated where the boiler and back door had been previously and a small utility area was created to house the noisier functions, such as the washing machine and tumble dryer. This ensured the new kitchen family room became a more pleasant and welcoming space. It also helped to differentiate between the separate areas that were required in the open space to enable multiple activities to happen in the room at once.

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