Designed and installed by: Elements Kitchens, Reading

Budget: £20k and over see more in this price range

Kitchen style used:


The Brief

Our clients were very keen to create a cohesive ‘wow’ factor in their new kitchen. The use of the Remo door instantly created a sleek look. We paired these with a kitchen island in a contrasting Burnt Ash, textured Alpina door to add to the on-trend contemporary vibe.

To bring the look together, we balanced the colour mix by including black glazed cabinets within the bank of white tall cabinets, along with Burnt Ash panels above the pet area which disguised a television when not in use. The combination of different materials – lacquer, timber and glass created feeling of luxury in the space.
It was a key requirement for the customers that we include a usable space for their pet dogs. The clients wanted this area to be one their pets could call their own but would not stick out and ruin the look of the kitchen. It had to remain a functional area of the kitchen and feel like it belonged to the space.

We really love the focal island that allows extra space for food prep and dining, whilst looking out over the garden through the bi-folding doors.

Designer's Tips

Task lighting is a great way to add practicality whilst bringing a touch of glamour. We included task lighting under the wall cabinets along with LED strip lighting on the island, which were run on a separate circuits. The LED strip brought out the fabulous timber texture in the Alpina doors, serving to transform the kitchen for functional tasks or if the client want to create a cosy evening vibe.

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