We’re discussing how to style the concrete trend with Second Nature’s Head of Design, Graeme Smith, as we celebrate the launch of our brand-new concrete doors, worksurfaces and handles.


Concrete is a timeless material that has seen a surge in popularity in the kitchen- whether used as a worksurface, as cabinet doors, handles or flooring. With a strong yet calming and natural presence, concrete can be used in a modern or rustic setting to add an industrial element that transforms the feel of any space.

At Second Nature, we’re always striving to find the latest trends, the most desired kitchen styles and the best innovations to keep our kitchen designs fresh yet timeless. That’s why, we’ve introduced a range of new concrete options to help you incorporate the stylish trend into your upcoming kitchen design.

What’s new?

Firstly, we have introduced three new concrete finishes to Unity, our made-to-measure handleless range: the light, textured Brunswick, the cool Hayward, and the strong, grounded Trellick Concrete.

Next, we have also launched a brand-new Strata Concrete Worksurface Family, including five different shades from light to dark, available in a variety of polished and concrete-effect finishes to help you achieve the specific look you’ve been dreaming of. They can be paired perfectly with the concrete Unity doors, or combined with different styles and shades for a multi-textured look.

Our Unity Brunswick Concrete door paired with a Unity Indigo Blue door and a Kemble Concrete Strata Quartz worksurface
Unity Hayward Concrete door paired with Remo Hartforth Blue and a Barbican Polished Concrete Strata Quartz worksurface

Lastly, to complement our new door and worksurface offering, we’ve also introduced a brand-new concrete-effect handle family, with a contemporary knob, two t-bar handles and a block handle. They work perfectly when combined with a concrete door for a truly industrial aesthetic, or when paired with a contrasting matt door, to bring a natural element to a modern space.

Unity Trellick Concrete door paired with Unity Pebble door, a Balfron Concrete Strata Quartz worksurface and the Concrete-effect Block Handles

How to style the concrete kitchen trend

We asked Graeme Smith, Second Nature’s Head of Design, how he would introduce the concrete trend into a kitchen and why he thinks concrete is a material that’s set to stay in the world of interiors…

So, Graeme, what sort of kitchen do you think is the best suited for the concrete trend?

“Concrete is at home with a contemporary kitchen – be it a slab door or a modern take on a classic Shaker style.

“However, this doesn’t need to mean cold and uninviting – by layering up colours and textures, dark tones, washed timbers, plants and other softer touches- concrete can add a real visual texture to a scheme, bringing another dimension to a contemporary kitchen.”

Unity Brunswick Concrete door paired with Washed Oak Drawers and a Kemble Concrete Strata Quartz worksurface

Why do you think concrete is such a big trend in the kitchen industry at the moment?

“Concrete is used in large public buildings, with a presence and permanence that we are comfortable with. It’s also a very honest material – with normally no need to cover it over with a finished surface. It appeals to our current desire for honest, timeless finishes.

“The natural material also adds a much needed texture to a scheme- at a time when grey is incredibly popular, it helps to add another dimension to a space without being overly fussy.”

Unity Trellick Concrete door paired with Unity Pebble door, a Balfron Concrete Strata Quartz worksurface and the Concrete-effect Block Handles

How would you personally style concrete into a kitchen?

“Concrete is such a versatile finish and material when it comes to interiors and its use in the kitchen is no different. Think concrete, and images of Brutalist architecture and cold uninviting environments could spring to mind, however, the subtle texture and mottling of concrete offers a delicate contrast to cool sleek matt painted finishes.

“Darker hues work well with the natural grey tones of Concrete, with rich blacks, like Carbon, and deep inky blues, such as Hartforth Blue, sitting well against it. Or, opt for a lighter shade of concrete– verging on a white suede texture– and warmer nude tones such as Cashmere or Pebble will pair really well to offer a rough luxe look.

“Making a statement can mean really going for the concrete look by opting for concrete worksurfaces, doors and handles. Select the same tones for a monolithic look – like the kitchen has been cast in one block – or layer up different tones for a contrasting delight.”



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