We’re talking inspiration with Second Nature’s head of design, Graeme Smith, as we celebrate the launch of our latest innovation in kitchen design- Hunton Handleless.


At Second Nature Kitchens, we’re always striving to find the latest trends, the most desired kitchen styles and the best innovations to keep our kitchen designs fresh yet timeless. If you can dream it, we can design it.

That’s why, this Spring we’re pleased to introduce a new introduction to our extensive range of unique kitchens: Hunton Handleless.

An unassuming one-piece design, Hunton Handleless is an on-trend contemporary take on a classic shaker, with the addition of a sleek, handleless rail system to cleverly blend traditional and modern schemes.

In this Journal post, we’re interviewing Second Nature’s head of design, Graeme Smith, to discover the inspiration behind Hunton Handleless and to explore what the new offering could bring to your kitchen renovation.

Hunton Handleless Cashmere & Copse Green

Firstly, what are the defining features of Hunton Handleless?

“The Hunton Handleless door has a narrow frame and a shallow centre panel, all wrapped up in a silky smooth finish, giving the range a classic look with a modern edge.

“The subtlety of the panelling allows Hunton to be used across classic and contemporary schemes- add in the handleless rail and the options to create a stunning contemporary kitchen are endless!”

Hunton Handleless Cashmere & Copse Green

Why did you choose a handleless offering for the Hunton range?

“Since its release in Autumn last year, Hunton has become a firm customer favourite, so it was the natural choice to look at ways we could adapt its design to offer customers even more options.”

“Handleless kitchens have become incredibly popular over recent years, with an emerging trend of handleless and shaker-style pairings, as customers look for an ever more personal expression of their taste. The sophistication of our Hunton door made it the perfect match for the sleek and effortless look of handleless design.”

Hunton Handleless in Dove Grey & Charcoal
Hunton Handleless in Dove Grey & Charcoal

What sort of home would the new handleless range suit?

“I would have to say that the collection is flexible enough to sit in most homes, whether it be a traditional Victorian terrace, that you want to add a nod of heritage too; or a cool contemporary pad that you are looking to embellish and add detail- Hunton Handleless is at home in any setting.

“With an abundance of sizing options, a myriad of colour finishes and a choice of complementary or contrasting rail finishes – the result can be truly unique to you and your home.”

Lastly, what are the benefits of the new introduction?

“Hunton Handleless brings the cool, sleek lines of a handleless kitchen with the proportion and classic nature of a Shaker style. It cleverly blends the traditional and contemporary schemes in one bang-on-trend kitchen, with the simple nature of the handleless rail allowing the Shaker style to add beautiful detail and embellishment to the door.

“This range is a great way of adding personality, character and extra detail to a handleless scheme, whether used in its entirety, or mixed with a slab door finish.”

Hunton Handleless Cashmere & Copse Green



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