Designed and installed by: Purple Kitchens Ltd, Maghull

Budget: £12k - £16k see more in this price range

Kitchen style used


The Brief

The original kitchen was extended to create an openplan layout that was not only extremely functional but also allowed them to keep an eye on young children whilst cooking tea. The curved breakfast bar softens the edges so no small heads could cause small injuries, plus it marks a definitive separation between kitchen and living spaces. Internal curved cabinets continue the contoured theme. With small children it was also very important to have the cooking at an eye level position.

Designer's Tips

When designing a kitchen with curves it’s important that they not only look great but they also serve a practical purpose. If too many curves are featured you can sometimes run the risk of losing too much practical storage. There are plenty of tall units here and clever use is made of the corner cabinet with a 4-tier Le Mans corner storage solution.  Wide drawers under the hob and pull-outs either side of the sink create additional useful storage.