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We find that most people think about the look and style of their kitchens before the functional aspects. It’s equally important to think about how your kitchen will work for you; what your priority requirements are; performance; and how to get the most from what could be a limited space. At the same time of course, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t create a good looking, practical, functioning and organised space, even if there are size and shape constraints.

Space saving storage

Keep it simple - less is more. Have a good sort out and only keep what you regularly use or absolutely love. Once you've trimmed down your kitchen kit, it's time to find a home for it. Resist the temptation to pack as many units as possible into the room, as this will make the kitchen feel cramped and closed in. Instead, use clever storage solutions. We are exclusive UK partners with German company Kesseböhmer, who provide many of the market’s best storage solutions, including its LeMans corner cupboard, which is ideal for pots and pans; its Convoy larder range, which offers great storage for items such as your groceries; and iMove which brings the contents of your wall cupboard to you.

We are increasingly seeing integrated pantries incorporated into designs with bi-folding doors. These offer a great space to store the toaster and breakfast materials, or as a drinks cupboards. Tall wall units maximise the floor to ceiling space and optimise storage possibilities.

Integrate as many appliances as possible, so that the space is used better: linear, harmonious and hidden, but integral. A compact oven, or a domino hob, are both excellent appliance solutions for a smaller space.

Key areas of the room

Define spaces

When considering the functionality of your kitchen and the movement around it, think about areas such as food preparation and wet zones. Perhaps they could work together? A chopping block that sits across the sink for example.

Function is one of the most important considerations when planning any kitchen and in a compact room it's more crucial than ever that the entire space works in the most efficient way.

Try to define different zones for preparation, cooking and washing. But if you can't, then you may need to double up some activities. The preparation area for instance could also be the place for informal dining while a glass or ceramic hob can double as a workspace when not in use. Think carefully about your choice of worktops to ensure that the material is suitable for a range of applications.

Finishing touches

Lighting, colour, choice of finish, work surface, tiling and flooring, will all impact the feeling of space in your environment. Opting for light coloured worktops and gloss doors will help bounce light around the room and make it feel bigger. Alternatively, consider mirrored backsplashes to increase the feeling of space. Of course, going against this principle can also work: be bold, go sumptuous. Deep colours, rich work top materials and clever lighting can all make size irrelevant, but the impact on your overall living space fantastic.

For further kitchen design ideas, and inspiration please contact your local retailer or look at our real kitchen gallery.

Finishing touches