Designed and installed by: Inline Kitchens Limited, Pontefract

Budget: £8k - £12k see more in this price range

Kitchen style used


The Brief

The clients were keen to lighten the atmosphere of their kitchen, as being a galley it could feel quite narrow and confined, so pale-toned cabinetry would help enhance the sense of space. They opted for the clean lines of Inzo, teaming this with a light tile-effect floor as a neutral base.  To add a distinctive contrast they chose dark granite for the worktops.

Designer's Tips

The designer suggested some great space-saving tips for the kitchen, which the clients are thrilled with. These included a plinth heater, to free up wall space, and a single combination oven incorporating microwave and grill rather than a double oven and separate microwave.  They also love how the washing machine is hidden away out of sight.