Designed and installed by: La Medida, Huddersfield

Budget: £12k - £16k see more in this price range

Kitchen style used


The Brief

Broadoak Ivory was chosen as the base for the kitchen with pink added for an accent. A small but very functional island was designed to fit with an integrated butcher’s block with the pink sneaking in on the gently curved doors either side of the oak spice drawers. At the opposite side of the island there is a small over hang with a subtle set of oak corbels to match the spice drawers and oak worktop of the dresser unit.

Designer's Tips

When using strong colours such as pink in a kitchen don’t go overboard. A small amount can be all that’s needed to give the kitchen the wow-factor. This also leaves you with an easier fix should the colour fall out of your favour in future. Carefully chosen accessories add even more character to this very pretty and homely kitchen. Broadoak is available as a sanded finish so your Second Nature retailer can offer you a paint colour of your choice.