Second Nature Journal
Getting started

Crafting a coastal feel

Style three from our latest collection called Alchemy is based around a coastal theme and we asked Graeme Smith, Head of Retail & Commercial Design, several questions into what inspired him to create this kitchen design.

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25th September 2017.

Kitchen Nightmares

As our lifestyles get more hectic, so the pressure on our living spaces increases and our kitchens often bear the brunt of this as new storage challenges arise.

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3rd October 2017.

Kitchen Nightmares
Small yet perfect

Small yet perfectly formed kitchen ideas

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be massive to be beautiful. With careful planning, small kitchens just need some clever design ideas to make them both functional and stylish.

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1st November 2017.

Become the perfect alchemist this Christmas

Enjoy a festive tipple this Christmas and experiment with a selection of delicious cocktails shown in our stunning Alchemy Style 2 collection.

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12 December 2017.

Fitzroy - Graphite and Dove Grey

Grey is here to stay

The trend for grey remains a core choice within a designer’s colour palette. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce three new greys to some of our most popular kitchen cabinet ranges, and share our top tips on how to style them.

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4th January 2018.